All of the organizations below have been organized by Cem Üner-FTIO Sports Education and Counsaltancy&Trade Inc. (Cem Üner is the owner of this company and Vice President since 2003)
I.International Performance in Sports & Health & Fitness Convention           
6-11 May 2004

AFAA International Fitness ve GroupInstructor Certifications  Programs
Since 2004

I. International Health & Fitness Convention
22-24 Octobre 2004

II. International Health & Fitness Convention
28-30 January 2005

I. International Soul & Fitness Convention
2-3 Nisan 2005

Nestle Nesfit Healthy Life Activities  “İstanbul in Shape” 
June 2005- September 2005

International BOSU Trainer License Certication Programs
Since 2005

International Gymstick Trainer License Certification Programs
Since 2005

The Pilates Coach USA Trainer Certification Programs since 2005

NBA Basketball Player Hidayet Turkoglu Summer Camp and Basketball Camp  2007-2009


Budgetting the investments,drawing the architectural plans, programming the fitness and leisure activities and club management system with GR procedures, technical and service procedures, creating the crew, educating the staff on communication, sales system, behavioral assets, and fitness knowledge…
These abbilities has been used during creating AFM and Mars Athletic Clubs, SABLON Wellness Club&Lovina Spa projects and counsalting for the others brands
I have my own “Communication and Instructorship Skills” Certification program  that I am giving since 2 years to many Fitness and Sales Professionals.

Taylan Peker